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Lakeshore Academy
Posted on 08/22/2020
Lakeshore Academy


Welcome to Lakeshore Academy, where our students can learn anywhere, and succeed everywhere!

We are a new and unique collaborative that offers a full spectrum of learning options for families who may not be comfortable sending students into a traditional school environment right now, or are just in need of a more flexible way to learn.

Whatever your situation, we're confident we have the right solution for you!



Full Virtual Learning
We offer a full catalog of Edgenuity courses from multiple platforms, including E2020, Odysseyware, and the new Accelerate program. These courses offer anytime, anywhere learning to fit your needs and schedule, and include both core and elective content options to create a full schedule for your child. Best of all, we offer a local certified teacher and tech support to work with you and your student to help you navigate the virtual environment, troubleshoot your technology, mentor you in your learning, and provide a personal connection between your family and your local school district.

* This option requires a semester by semester commitment, as the courses are self-contained and do not necessarily align with the pace and sequence of material being taught in our local classrooms. For younger learners, we highly recommend the Accelerate platform which offers personal teaching support both through Edgenuity and your local district.

HyFlex Learning
Similar to traditional distance learning, our HyFlex option brings your child into a live classroom from the comfort and security of your home. Our teachers use the latest audio/visual technology to provide instruction to their in-person classroom and remote learners simultaneously. Miss something? No worries! All lessons are recorded and archived for you to review when your schedule allows. And we offer dedicated support staff to take your calls and answer questions about the lesson when you need extra help.

* This option provides excellent flexibility and connectedness for students who may need to exit or re-enter a live classroom for periods of quarantine, changes in school status, or other reasons. 

Ultra Hybrid Learning
Our most personalized program available, the Ultra Hybrid option offers an unprecedented combination of learning opportunities to meet your child's individual needs. Want to learn in-person for part of the day, take an Accelerate course online, and finish the day at home with HyFlex learning? You can do that! How about a HyFlex schedule in the morning and Dual Enrollment college classes or Tech Center program in the afternoon? We've got you covered! Anything we can fit into your schedule is fair game in the Ultra Hybrid model. 

* This option gives you full access to our counseling and support services to structure your schedule and keep you moving forward.